Architecture generally can be defined as the art and science of designing buildings and non-building structures, architectural designers have skills similar to that of an architect but may not be licence or recognized by a statutory body but they also are involved in the design of buildings or urban landscape.
Architectural design/drawings are documents, diagram or a graphical representation which are drawn either manually as a sketch or by CAD to be used for the construction of a building.
There are numerous factors that can be considered when selecting a good architectural design, but we shall be discussing just five (5) of them on this platform.


It is a study of the Mind and how our brains interprets something’s as been beautiful or ugly, it is crucial for design because our first interaction with almost anything is based on how it looks “Judging a Book by its cover” we all do it. A design aesthetic consist the use of materials, forms, style and quality finishes. An architectural design of a building must be aesthetically appealing in order to capture the attention of an observer. Some banks have a created a brand for themselves and also acquired more clients by adopting an aesthetically appealing and attractive building facade.Asthti


If a Building design doesn’t serve the purpose of its users then it should be considered a poor or failed design.
Function is the process of responding to the needs or desires of the people who are to use the products, Buildings or items in a way that allows their needs or desires to be met. A functional design is both an outcome & a process. As an Outcome, it describes products that work well to perform their assigned tasks. As a process, the design is been thought through and is a set of practices guided by the principles that produce that positive outcome.
More so, the purpose of a building design and the opinions of prospective users goes a long way to contribute to the functionality of a building design and big thumbs up to CAD, BIM and 3D model software manufacturers which help clients to have a big picture of their projects even before moving to site for construction.


When you have a Building that cannot withstand the effect of wind impact, External environmental forces, harsh weather condition, live and dead load impacts etc, then it is considered you have no shelter, An architectural design of a building must be completed to be durable and to stand the test of time, the stability of a building is usually designed, calculated and enforced by a structural engineer.Stabbi


The Ability to be Sustained, Supported, Upheld or Confirmed, in other words can be referred to as conservation or preservation. Sustainability makes sure our today environmental activities doesn’t have negative or adverse effect on the future generation.
An Architectural design ought to be sustainable enough by minimizing the negative environmental of buildings through efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, development space ecosystem and even cash.


The quality or condition of being plain, easy to understand and uncomplicated in forms or design, when it involves architectural design or a building. The word Simplicity is a general one, at one point in life or the other, everyone just want to live a simple life. Likewise, designs are not supposed to be complex to be the best in all things, simplicity is the key.Real Estate Investors

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